⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "A gripping, genre-smashing read...combines thrilling urban fantasy with video games and Japanese mythology in a cunning way." The British Fantasy Society.

Immortal gods, online gaming, and a reincarnating goldfish...this gamer's life is about to level up.

A sequence of cryptic in-game messages and the haunting cry of a mysterious spirit animal result in the up-all-night gamer, Lars Nilsson, being kicked from the top of the league in his latest high-stakes obsession.

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A hacked-off online gamer, an ageing spiritual scientist, a psychotropic-addled anaesthetist, and a reclusive RPG developer are thrown together on an unusual quest.When a regression experiment tears open a rift to the afterlife, two immortal guardians find themselves reincarnated as mortals, with no recollection of their ancient past. They become connected through an RPG called Atari Shock.The clock is ticking to find the lost immortals and take back the afterlife, but a mysterious future tech company has a powerful ally and intentions for the land of the dead.

What do the challenges of this otherworld have to do with a reclusive gamer and a fragile developer, and can they come to terms with the true origins of their identities before the land of the dead is lost to a powerful primordial force?

British Fantasty Society Review


Love The Tetris Effect? Watch the teaser for the motion comic book spin-off, Vestige.

From the instant that chaos gave birth to our mortal plane of existence, a battle has raged for the space between life and death.Three young siblings must complete their training and unlock the secrets of becoming enlightened warriors known only by a single word - Vestige.Vestige is a prequel story to the fantasy thriller novel, The Tetris Effect by Colin Carvalho Burgess, and is created and illustrated by Jan Kirschbaum & Steven Ewheme Eshemokhai, with Bernd Höllen from The Cauldron.